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Current Presentations

LATTE is available to offer the following community presentations:

  • "Human Trafficking 101"
  • "Human Trafficking 101: Labor Trafficking"
  • "Human Trafficking 101: Presentation to Youth"
  • "Sex Trafficking and LGBTQA+ Youth"
  • "Human Trafficking and Individuals with Disabilities"
  • "Not Our Fault" - an interactive simulation

To schedule a community presentation, please email us at


Know the Signs of Human Trafficking

  • Paid little or no salary
  • Accompanied by a controlling person
  • Not speaking on own behalf
  • Has to ask permission to eat/sleep/go to bathroom
  • Bruises, depression, fear, overly submissive
  • Any person less than 18 coerced into participating in sex acts or pornography
  • Any adult or child forced to perform sex acts
  • All or most of pay is being kept by employer to pay for debt or life necessities
  • Inability to leave job without fear of harm to self or family
  • Cannot freely contact friends or family
  • Threatened with deportation or law enforcement action
  • Coached on what to say to law enforcement
  • Deprived of food, water, sleep, medical care or other life necessities 
  • Lack of control over personal schedule, money, travel documents, identification papers
  • A teenager with a much older dating partner

If you see any of these signs or know of anyone experiencing human trafficking, please call your local law enforcement agency.