How We Got Our Start

Pictured above: Jean, Shirley, and Christine, founders of LATTE.

Three grandmothers, after hearing about the atrocities of human trafficking and the lack of awareness in the Lawrence, Kansas area, went in search of a local community organization to volunteer their help.  Unable to find a local community group focused on human trafficking, they decided something must be done.  LATTE’s first formal meeting was held in January 2014. They invited friends who were concerned about the issue.  After learning more about this heinous crime and the many services human trafficking victims / survivors needed to cope with the trauma they had endured, LATTE decided their role as an organization would be to prevent people from being trafficked by educating the community on this issue. Later collaboration with organizations like local law enforcement, victim / survivor advocacy organizations, and the court system proved extremely valuable to further the education to the community.